Pepperdine most fundable company 

Out of 4500 applications, Agtools was selected among the top 20.  See us in Entrepreneur magazine in December’s edition.



2020 Women's Venture Summit, Rising Star Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 7th edition

The WV Summit is an annual intensive event that brings together female founders and funders from across the globe. Information and connections shared at the leading-edge event help women build, operate, and scale businesses, and provide women with the tools needed to become investors. Agtools is honored to be selected for the Rising Star Award.

TECHSTARS – Farm to Fork program 

What a privilege and treat to be part of the Techstar’s family.  It is intense, well structured, and it is truly a caring group of people from across the globe. The highlight – over 120 very accomplished mentors introduced to us in a spam of just 3 weeks. We then had the tough decision to select 7-10 to help us… almost impossible! It was like going to Disneyland, not knowing which ride to take, with all of them being so great! The accelerator is recognized as one of the leading business accelerators in the world.

Reports with a twist

Agtools data is starting to show patterns as we participate in providing material to the Editorial team at Produce Blue Book (Blue Book is the 100+ year old, equivalent to D&B of the produce industry). 

Supply Chain – At the forefront of everyone’s mind

Agtools became even more relevant during C-19 and team members became busy fundraising and advocating for the farmers and the industry. 

Going Worldwide

Agtools moves to Women in the Cloud program by Microsoft and looks to the future to impact the Ag & Food industry worldwide.

Women in Cloud’s mission has been to create Access for Acceleration to promote Action. Women In Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator is designed as an immersive 6 month program to assist women-led tech companies to co-build, co-market and co-sell with Microsoft and their distribution channels. 



Insituto Tecnologico de Monterey is the MIT of Latin America based in Mexico. 

We were accepted into this prestigious incubator program to explore market share, marketing and sales strategy. It will engage our Mexican team on a larger scale discussion of the expansion of Agtools while ensuring we build the business plan for expansion.  Mexico is the largest trading partner of fruits and vegetables with the USA, so it is a natural market for expansion utilizing the Puerto Rico blueprint.

Providing official data and intelligence to the industry with Blue Book

Agtools’ data is coming from over 75 government data points and growing.  Agtools is giving relevant and real time data to the industry via the daily publication and special editions of Produce Blue Book, the voice of the produce industry.

Participated at Colorado State University AgInnovation Summit 2019

Exploring innovation, ranging from the creation of innovative processes, cultures and teams to the importance of thinking differently in designing sustainable solutions to agriculture's grand challenges. If you have time, here is the link and as the CTO of Cargill said – IP is now not as important as being first to market!

Moving into second phase of Puerto Rico Parallel18!

Agtools wins competition from over 200 entries in a virtual setting of over 690 registrants from United States and the world and enters the recognition in the Angel Investment circles.

Invited and Attending CES (Consumer Electronic Show) FoodTech Live

A forum to show off new products or services in this emerging industry while meeting influential journalists covering the space and industry strategists looking to do deals.


We made it and won both the Judges and Audience award of the QuickPitch of the San Diego Venture Group! It has been humbling and rewarding – yes, the cash helped us bring a full-time sales person too! 

Not only did we receive non- diluting funds, we got the opportunity to present to TCA Tech Coast Angels and again Agtools has been selected to the next phase of due diligence of this important organization.


See Link

Agtools advancing with retailers 

UST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company will represent and serve Agtools to the retail industry across the USA and worldwide. UST Global provides advanced computing and digital services to large private and public enterprises around the world. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies.

The New Agtools Labor Widget shows trends to manage crop farming better in the marketplace.

Farm workers move with the crops. Longer seasons means workers will travel and stay longer in those regions. Climate changes and political uncertainty can now be seen on Agtools.

Agtools will be featured at Groceryshop Conference

At the Venetian in Las Vegas the 15th – 18th September. This event feature disruptive trends, new technologies and business models. highlights the impact of produce, (fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and ornamentals), the decision making across the full retail management teams in USA . Highlighting how technology, markets and produce impacts the bottom line of a retailer, Agtools will showcase the variables – 67 – impacting freshness, food waste and ultimately profit and losses.

New Agtools widget sustainability calculator impacts CO2 footprint

Every daily decision made based on market conditions affect our CO2 footprint across the USA and worldwide. Having a fast-simple calculator to determine where to send that truck is crucial for financial reasons and for planet health. Agtools team understands and makes it simple!

Agtools presented during IFT

On a panel of Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainability: Science, Technology, and Policy with Daniel Voytas, Professor, Chief Science Officer, University of Minnesota, Thomas Tomich, PhD, Professor & Director, Ag Sustainability Institute, University of California, Davis, John Bode, President & CEO, Corn Refiners Association, Ian Puddephat, PepsiCo International Limited, Declan Troy, Director of Research, Teagasc; President, Institute of Food Science and Technology Ireland, TEAGASC.

V.3 Ready to go!

Our new V.3 version is out and you can download on app store and google play while launching.

Antad Expo Influencing the Profitability

Agtools Team Member Ing. Raul Lopez presented: “ Changes in Information Technology Influencing the Profitability in the Industry of Fruits and Vegetables”  at Expo ANTAD Alimentaria Mexico in Guadalajara that gathers over 1900 agricultural industry professionals.

Fruit Logistica February 8-10, 2019

Over 2,000 applications were sent and only 20 applicant companies were selected including AGTools!
We are going to Germany to the most important fresh produce show in the world! AGTools team is proud to have been selected -attendance 78,074(From 130 countries).

Wayfinder Incubator – UCI Applied Innovation at UCI

Agtools was selected to participate on this selective and designed program tapping on world class research ecosystem.

The adoption of digital technology by medium and small farm operations will play an important role in preserving or improving their competitive position in the market.Engaging the Psychology, Sociology and Economic Departments research will be valuable to developers of digital technology tools for farmers, to extension practitioners, and to farmers and their representative organizations. The final outcome of this study should contribute to, engaging farmers as a valuable partner in the development and promotion of improved digital technology, a more sustainable revenue stream, reduction in the levels of food waste, as well as increased rates of return for medium and small farmers.

Agtools presenting in CTO FORUM

CTO (Chief Technology Officers) FORUM on November 1, 2018, an organization dedicated to the premise that it is smart innovation, not financial engineering, which acts as the wellspring of competitive differentiation, industry leadership and positioning for long-term success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Blockchain is a sustainable solution for farmers through supply chain implementation 

Agtools is presenting at Blockchain Seattle 2018! The focus is on how blockchain will engage the Ag industry in the near future to ensure farmers’ sustainability, reduced waste and a more fine-tuned supply chain for all stakeholders.

2020 Tech Innovation Forum, OCTANE, LaunchPad Investor Judges' Award winner 

An SBDC/SBA funded program for tech and medtech companies.. We truly appreciate this award because it is a rigorous program and well regarded by investors. It gave us more focus and tools across the company!



2020 OC Business Journal Innovator of Year 

Nominated by UC Irvine Wayfinder Incubator

The Orange County Business Journal’s sixth annual INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS honor, recognize and celebrate individuals and their organizations who are creating game-changing products and services, and demonstrate brilliance and leadership in innovation. Agtools is very proud to have won the Innovator of the Year Award.


We were selected this year and are now part of the ecosystem! Larta, a pioneer in accelerators/incubators, is one of the few accelerators directed to life sciences, health, cleantech and agriculture.  Access and optimization of federal TABA (Technical and Business Assistance) Funds that are non-dilutive funds, are at the core of their model. Now we are working closely and diligently with their teams to apply for our first grant this October with the USDA.  Our team member Stephen Denlinger, with over 30 years of federal grant expertise, manages all the pieces as we start this great federal path. 

Peaches – summer fruit!

“Analyzing data is a bit like being an archaeologist. You come across a little discovery, not sure what it is or what it means, and you continue to search. The more you search, the clearer the picture becomes” Matt DeBoer SVP Retail Sales Agtools

A food and ag supply chain solution in the midst of C-19!

In the past, Agtools had presentations utilizing the words “supply chain” yet few understood the terminology and the impact on their lives. Today everyone knows the term and the impact, especially with essential products in our day to day lives. Agtools is a SaaS Food and AG worldwide supply chain platform offering real-time data and intelligence similar to Bloomberg or Reuters for farmers and buyers.  

Integrating the Americas

Agtools was voted in to Innovagro as we positively start impacting the hemisphere!

Innovagro is an alliance of three organizations: Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, the Secretary of Agriculture, Ranching, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food Supply of Mexico and National Coordinator of Produce Foundations of Mexico.


Winning Investment and Recognition 

Agtools wins competition from over 200 entries in a virtual setting of over 690 registrants from United States and the world and enters the recognition in the Angel Investment circles.



… and the new product – AgCapture

Installing them in sales and procurement offices nationwide!  AgCapture empowers teams to read the data fast and act fast on their shipments and transactions.

And it all started at Stanford University…

The first Agtools business plan was developed under the motivation and guidance of Dr. Huggy Rao at “Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education – Scaling Program”. We participated in the main panel for the 2020 State of Latino Entrepreneurship 5th annual Forum.

Agtools made it to the Food Tech 500 worldwide!

The FoodTech 500 shortlist showcases companies (early-stage startup to scaleup) that are building and scaling AgriFoodTech businesses, addressing the rapid need for change across the food ecosystem.

All of the companies that have made the FoodTech 500's shortlist have become entrepreneurial success stories.


See the list

Invited and Speaking at Precision Ag The Vision Conference

As North America’s definitive precision agriculture and digital farming event as changes in precision and digital agriculture define the industry next three to five years.

Competing and Learning

Agtools is one of the 10 finalists for Quick Pitch 2019 from 220 applications. Competition energizes the team to keep updating the business plan and projections. In today’s fluid marketplace, competition like any sport, makes you better!

Agtools is Impacting the Industry: 

Growth of demand and interest during the PMA tradeshow, (Produce Marketing Association), was astonishing. At the heart of the industry event, farmers, marketers and buyers from retail and foodservice to have market data at their fingertips to make decisions, literally in seconds. Only those who have worked the industry understand the amazing amount of data the human brain must gather to redirect a truck with fresh fruits and vegetables. Agtools is making it possible to reach that data in seconds. 

UCI Featured Data Gathering,  Algorithms and Interconnection

UCI Featured Agtools with an article and a video capturing the essence of the tool data gathering, algorithms and interconnection among variables affecting the food waste across the globe and affecting farmers profitability.

Article and Video

New Agtools Widget Volume Commodity Comparison

Many Regions are now producing a variety of crops throughout the year impacting local
farmers across the world. Knowing volumes of other commodities are now a must to stay abreast and to avoid slow sales due to new merchandising by stores. This truly impact farmers who now can see the competing commodity without spending more than 3 minutes researching.

Western Growers Magazine featured Agtools in its most recent edition

Founded in 1926 it represents local and regional family farmers growing produce in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico. Members and workers provide over half the nation’s fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts and nearly half of fresh organic produce. 

Agtools selected to present to the industry – United Fresh in Chicago

Agtools presented at United Fresh – founded in 1904 it brings together companies across every segment of the fresh produce supply chain, including growers, shippers, fresh-cut processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, foodservice operators, industry suppliers and allied associations.

Seeds & Chips

Milano – Italy excited to be there! Bayer Corporation is sponsoring our next trip to Milano May 6th-9th for Seeds & Chips – - Agtools is now seen as a solution for sustainability, reduction of food waste, and able to make a global impact through local communities, check the agenda and you will understand!

Plug and Play!

Agtools is now part of plug and play - Supply Chain & Logistics (Logtech)! Plug and Play Tech Center is a network startup accelerator and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in the Silicon Valley and offices across the world.  

It was the early investor in Google, PayPal, Dropbox, LendingClub, Soundhound and Guardant Health.

Silicon Valley Startup Grind: We have our slot

Agtools won a slot for Silicon Valley Startup Grind, the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 1,500,000 entrepreneurs in over 500 chapters. Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs build their businesses, connect with strategic partners, and secure funding.

Presenting at AgTech19 Micro Conference

The AgTech Micro-Conference brings together farmers, software developers, funders, and others who are interested in learning about how technology can support local food production and benefit small farmers as part of the Sustainable Food & Farm Conference in Las Vegas.

Agtools presenting in Growing Innovations

Growing Innovations – Leading Farms Forward was the theme in Las Vegas produced by Meister Media worldwide and NXT Events Media Group.

Agtools participated on the discussion of Incubating and Exciting new future in the Salinas Valley new tech innovations happening at Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology! Agtools have participated on innovative programs at Stanford University, UC Davis and UC Irvine.

Agtools presenting in Latin America, Barranquilla

FOROMIC, the leading event in Latin America and the Caribbean on issues related to financial inclusion and business development, by IDB Interamerican Development Bank in Barranquilla, Colombia

Contact us:

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