Romaine regains consumer demand

Rising summer salad demand is strengthening romaine prices. Growers in Salinas and Santa Maria, CA, report good quality, and local deals in the Midwest, Canada and East Coast are starting to produce commercial quantities.

Consumers warming to limes

Lime volume has been higher and steadier from May through July than the previous two years, and that’s leading to a low, but stable F.O.B. market.

Kiwifruit prices return to normal levels

Kiwifruit volume and prices are returning to more normal levels after bad weather caused lighter supplies and a price spike. 

Retail banana pricing is…bananas

When it comes to bananas, there’s a reason we use the word interchangeably with descriptions for insanity. It is nearly impossible to make sense of how this all continues to operate the way it does.  

Plums peak with higher volumes, steady prices

As the domestic plum season hits its peak in Mid-July, retail volume is up with dollars flat. The latest retail scan data from IRI Worldwide shows plum volume up 14% in the week ending July 12, with dollars flat, up slightly at 0.7%.

Steep drop in price as cauliflower demand slows

Retail cauliflower sales have slowed compared to early in the pandemic, though sales continue to post double-digit year-over-year growth.

Celery supply returns to normal

Celery buyers should continue to see normal conditions, as volume remains above last year’s, and prices have been steady since the start of summer.

Steady onion market welcomes new crop

Onions continue to prove resilient as buyers start to see more volume from the 2020-21 season.

Citrus exporters find hot U.S. market

Citrus exporters to the U.S. are finding a hot market this summer as retail demand has been explosive during the pandemic.

Watermelons see steady summer market

Having passed the Independence Day holiday, watermelon buyers should find plenty of local supply options.

Volume, prices both up for carrots

The national carrot market shows higher volume and pricing than the previous two years. While those two things don’t usually go hand-in-hand, two factors may be leading unusual strength to the market.

Pepper demand remains elevated

Bell pepper prices are significantly higher than last year as the crop transitions from Mexico and desert areas to Central California.

Lemon demand remains high

Lemons continue to ride the citrus pandemic demand wave that is keeping strength in the wholesale market.

Low demand drives down grape market

Grape prices are relatively low as supplies transition from Mexico to California. Retail demand has been weak so far this summer as scan data shows grape sales about 10 percent below last year in June. 

Squash prices rise with light summer supply

Squash volumes typically drop in the summer as domestic producers supply the market, but this summer is seeing even lighter volumes.

Domestic cantaloupes going stronger after rough spring import season

July typically marks the start of Central California’s cantaloupe season, and hopes are high for a better season than spring.

Garlic demand on the rise

The boom in home cooking has boosted the demand for garlic, and volume increases show suppliers are up to the challenge.

Apples look for a summer niche

The North American apple market has settled into a normal pattern of steady prices and heavier-than-normal summer volume after the March pandemic spike and drop.

Avocado market stabilizes after lockdowns

The avocado market has reached stability as summer begins. Supplies are growing from California, which is having a strong rebound year from last year, and Mexican exports are doing their best to meet demand but not exceed it. 

Sweet potato volume lags but demand stays strong

Sweet potato volume is at its lowest levels in five years as the 2019-20 crop winds down. However, consumer demand remains strong, keeping pricing steady.

Sweet corn prices spike as summer begins

F.O.B. prices have risen 300 percent in the past month, going from just over $10 per carton to around $30, with most supplies coming from California and Georgia.

Asparagus market’s rough spring is turning

The boom in home cooking has boosted the demand for garlic, and volume increases show suppliers are up to the challenge.

Strawberries near peak of strong season

The strawberry market has seen increased volume and strong demand and very little effect from the pandemic. 

Broccoli market sees prices double

Broccoli prices are soaring as supplies tighten and consumer demand shows no signs of letting up.

Big bounce-back for California cherries

California cherry growers have finished shipping a large cherry crop that has been met with strong retail demand.

Romaine market returning to normal

Romaine lettuce seems to have gotten over the problems associated with the pandemic and is returning to normal volume and price levels.

Iceberg lettuce rebounds from pandemic

Stability has mostly returned to the iceberg lettuce market as the crop shifted from the desert to central California.

Papayas show resilience in the market

Papayas have shown resilience in the face of the pandemic and food safety problems. 

Tomato price rise unrelated to pandemic

Tomatoes volumes are in a downward trend in June, which is causing prices to be higher than previous years for June. Agtools analysis shows this is not related to the pandemic, but rather to the normal seasonal shift.

Onions gain some market stability

Onions have had an eventful spring with the pandemic, but as crops transition in late spring …

Celery volume booms

Celery volume continues to stay above normal levels, keeping up with consumer demand. 

Orange prices show steady rise

Orange prices keep rising this spring as retail demand remains strong. The latest IRI scan data shows oranges at 79 percent higher year-over-year dollar growth and 80 percent on volume growth.

Potato market shows clear pandemic effect

No produce item shows this pandemic effect as clearly as potatoes, whose average F.O.B. price has been about half of what it was in early March, as demand has been significantly damaged by restaurant, school and institution closures.

Green bean volume to show seasonal rise

Green bean volumes had lagged behind the past few seasons, but May is seeing greater supplies and an accompanying drop in F.O.B. prices.

Cucumber market sees price surge, then normalcy

The cucumber market in 2020 looks very similar to the past two years. It saw a price surge about the time stay-at-home orders began in mid-March, and then prices quickly dropped to a normal level.

Domestic peach volume filling the pipeline

Domestic peach season is just starting, and it’s largely headed to a retail market that shows signs of slowing down.

Bell pepper prices should drop as U.S. supplies rise

The bell pepper market remains elevated as Mexican supplies leave the market and U.S. production kicks into full gear. 

Strong summer supplies for watermelons

With the unofficial start of summer this weekend, the unofficial fruit of summer already has good supplies with the domestic season just getting going.

Artichoke market hums along

Aside from a mid-March blip in the market, artichokes have enjoyed a routine spring with strong supplies and steady demand.

Pandemic clobbers pineapple market

Total volume of pineapple for 2020 has dropped 50 percent from mid-February to mid-May compared to 2019.

Lots of cauliflower at low prices

Cauliflower prices are low, and volume and quality are strong. It looks to be another case of a crop planted before any pandemic knowledge, and now there are more supplies than demand.

Carrot markets remain steady through spring

Fresh carrots appear immune from the pandemic as domestic and import volumes have remained in normal ranges. Likewise, pricing has been steady from California and Georgia, while Mexican imports have seen prices double in the past month.

Mango prices struggle during pandemic

Mango prices struggle to reach pre-pandemic levels as spring sees a volume surge. In mid-March, as stay-at-home orders began and restaurants closed, prices dropped, but by mid-April, they showed a bump up.

Cherry season starts strong

California cherry season started strong with volume rising daily. Prices have dropped slightly since the start of May but remain higher than last year at the same time.

Sweet onions find low prices

Sweet onion supplies appear normal and healthy, but unfortunately, the market is anything but.

Grape market spring transition sped up by pandemic

Chile’s grape season is ending faster than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but prices have stayed steady this spring.

Avocados rebound from pandemic hit

Even the avocado market was affected when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the economy in mid-March, but it appears to have resumed its normal season.

Pandemic takes toll on romaine market

Romaine prices have struggled this year, particularly after mid-March stay-at-home orders closed restaurant dining rooms. Volume since early March has been below average, but it still reflects pre-pandemic plantings.

Mushrooms enjoy strong retail spring

Aside from a slight volume and price blip in mid-March when lockdown orders began, mushrooms have enjoyed a strong 2020 at retail.

Lemon struggles pre-date pandemic

Even with meager volumes pre-dating the pandemic, lemon prices remain lower than previous seasons.

Pear supplies falling fast

Late season pear volumes are dropping faster than normal, which may have helped keep prices stable during the pandemic.

Tomato prices on the rise

Tomato prices are on the rise as spring volumes are well below average. F.O.B.s from Mexico have doubled in the past several weeks.

Garlic market heats up

Garlic prices have doubled in the past few months, even before the pandemic, and now volume has crashed, likely the result of disrupted supply chains.

Low demand cuts lime prices in half

While Mexican lime volume has been inconsistent this spring, prices have been steadily below average, offering buyers a good opportunity.

Strawberry market ripe for Mother’s Day promotions

With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away, strawberry volume looks to stabilize from California, while prices remain low but in a normal range.

Sweet potato volume drops to meet demand

After a mid-March stock-up spike, sweet potato volume has been steadily decreasing along with demand. Prices, however, have been steady the last few months.

Stability returns to apple market

Apple volumes are returning to normal levels after a panic-buy surge and then slump in March.

Cabbage market shows little pandemic effect

Cabbage prices have been low the past two months, and volume has dropped significantly from its pre-St. Patrick’s Day surge.

Asparagus market regains strength


Stronger pricing has returned to the asparagus market, as volume has had a more dramatic drop.

Pandemic strangles strong cantaloupe season

Imported cantaloupes saw strong volumes and a rising market until a mid-March crash caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Onion, potato struggles see no end

Onion and potato markets continue to struggle with too much product and not enough outlets.

Costa Rican pineapple exporters see big drop during pandemic

About 175 pineapple producers are being affected by the drop in exports due to low worldwide demand, the National Chamber of Pineapple Producers (CANAPEP) told Diario Extra, a Costa Rican news agency.

Bell Pepper volume crashes to meet fading demand

Bell pepper prices dropped in half after the mid-March stay-at-home orders forced restaurants and institutions to close and consumers shifted almost exclusively to retail.

Blueberry market stabilizes during pandemic

Blueberry prices dropped in late March as national stay-at-home orders affected consumers, but the market has been stable and volumes very similar to previous years.

Avocados fare better than most during pandemic

Many fruits and vegetables saw plummeting demand followed by lower volumes as most Americans sheltered-in-place, panic bought at grocery, and then showed little demand with restaurants and institutions closed.

California strawberries enter uncertain market

Strawberry marketers face an unprecedented market as supplies transition from Florida and Mexico to California.

As restaurants close, so goes lettuce and tomato demand

Lettuce and tomato volumes and prices dropped in the past few weeks as consumer demand cratered following the shutdown of many of the nation’s restaurants.

Citrus market looks for strength in retail

This year’s Mexican lime crop has been large and high quality, and through the first half of March demand was keeping up.

Broccoli, cauliflower see demand fall during pandemic

Broccoli and cauliflower are two more vegetables that have seen consumer demand drop since the mid-March retail surge as cities around the United States issues shelter-in-place orders.

Potato, onion prices plummet after earlier strength

As millions of Americans were told to shelter-in-place in mid-March and grocery stores because one of the few food outlets available to them, people bought food at amazing levels.

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