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Mission: Offer the most flexible and groundbreaking sustainability software to impact worldwide Supply Chain.


Vision: Empowering people with reliable first mile data to ignite powerful actions for a sustainable world.

ASKS is Agtools sustainability research department, which designs, calculates, analyzes, and infers the impact of the supply chain in the first mile and for all stages of commodity production.  ASKS offers a flexible, affordable, and dynamic software model, providing official data that allows better production and contract decisions to be made more coherently and consciously, reducing the footprints that affect sustainability worldwide.


We research and apply sustainability indicators from official sources, and scientific articles, and calculate in the software with real data based on case studies.  Asks analyzes the impact based on seven categories: Packaging, Cooler / Packing House, Transportation, Supplies, Services and Leases, Labor, Fixed Cost; 67 subcategories; and 177 variables evaluated with 4 sustainability indicators; water consumption, energy consumption, CO2 emissions including scopes 1,2,3 and waste emitted within the Supply chain.  In addition, ASKS determines the costs of each of the 177 variables to deliver production costs.


We are a team of highly qualified professionals in agronomic engineering, agribusiness, natural resources, nutrition, mathematics, and statistics. We are committed to being innovative, analytical, thoughtful, and environmentally responsible.


We understand that one of the greatest challenges we face as humanity in terms of food security and sovereignty is to ensure the permanence of farmers in the field and to improve the conditions of contracts in global supply chains. Likewise, to be able to produce sustainably with practices that allow the regeneration of the soil and that confront the prevailing development model that has impacted the availability of natural resources and the means of production, generating scarcity on the one hand and deterioration on the other.

It is estimated that 62,500 trucks of production are wasted daily from the farm to distribution centers – that is, 30% of what is produced never reaches the destinations due to 76 variables of the world markets including Climate Change and the crises we are going through, in this sense, our concern leads us to investigate and look for solutions to adopt sustainable patterns.


Case Study by ASKS:

Productive Analysis of Asparagus Grown in Peru and the USA


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