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As the experts in the collection of global commodity data, we realize the value that commodity boards provide to their members. They act as their collective representative when bargaining at the national level to set industry standards and provide industry insights through reports. Members benefit by being able to access resources that individually might be cost prohibitive, with one of those areas being industry data.

At Agtools we are pleased to support growers/shippers through their commodity board membership. Imagine the time spent having to locate several sources of data from volume to FOB and terminal pricing. Once located it has to be organized, integrated, and downloaded. Our specialty is sourcing this data and bringing it to one location, the Agtools dashboard. Our dashboard gives access to 500 commodity datasets with an in depth look per commodity with many different reports, according to your needs, that can be generated and saved.


Reports with your manager or team and/or retail buyer have deadlines and high expectations. The produce industry operates at a fast pace. Save time by gaining the ag data needed immediately with the assurance that it is reliable and in “Real Time.” It allows more time to spend on the analysis and developing strategic business decisions to present internally and with your customers.

Agtools’ Data Analytics Platform

We know the value of Associations/Commodity Boards providing their members with industry reports to understand the changing market dynamics.  When evaluating product promotions and/or R&D, the data at Agtools can assist your members in becoming more competitive and/or locate areas of opportunity to develop or expand new business. 

The data is what growers/shippers use on a daily basis – volume, FOB, shipping, and retail pricing.   


Agtools’ Data Analytics Platform is a very valuable tool for accomplishing these goals. This Micro-Site is designed to give Commodity Boards/Associations a quick understanding of the Agtools Platform and how the data from it can provide a macro view of the variables that come into play when making business decisions. 

 Let Agtools save you time by presenting relevant data in one location. Our data originates directly from the source is updated every 10 minutes in “Real Time and is user friendly.   Keep your members informed and retained with industry reports from Agtools data.  Stop by for a sample demo of the Agtools dashboard. 

8 Billion Records of Ag Data 

AgTools is a SaaS (Software as a Service) data analytics platform that aggregates over 29 years of agriculture data from growing areas throughout the USA and all over the world. The AgTools database consists of over eight billion records covering over 500 specialty crops worldwide (including: fruit, vegetables, tree nuts, etc.), as well as 76 variables impacting local farming operations, including such categories as: historical production volumes of all specialty crops worldwide, pricing histories, historic weather patterns, historic transportation pricing, supply chain interruptions, labor disputes, etc. 


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