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Farmers, Buyers, Shippers, Maximize

your Outcomes


Plan your harvest based on real data to maximize your crop, increase profits and reduce waste.


Real time data

that will improve your buys. Know your market options each day in terms of product availability, surplus,shortfalls and basis for shifts in pricing. 


Real data that

gives you options

to ensure the

timely and most efficient delivery

of product.


Connecting the 

Supply Chain

with agtools. 


Agtools   is a revolutionary solution that serves as a key component to address major communication gaps between farmers and

food retailers. Reduce waste, increase

profits and streamline

the growing cycle for farmers to insure operational success.


At the core of the

solution is taking immense amounts 

of data and simplifying it down to key factors to improve decision making for farmers, corporate buyers and 

all food supply chain stakeholders.

03 / EASY

Agtools  proprietary technology incorporates

all levels of information providing easy and comparative real data to farmers, suppliers and buyers of tier I, II, III. Alerts and information

that will directly benefit

and influence decisions

in the industry on a

regular basis such as 
weather patterns, terminal pricing, oil, consumer trends and more.




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Find your Data

with agtools


Improve Buys, Market Options, Product Availability,

Surplus, Shifts in Pricing and Shortfalls.  


We provide real time algorithm data services to farmers and corporate

buyers covering over 500 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and ornamentals. 

Data structured, unstructured and word mining data from Government

Agencies, Universities, Industry Associations, Research Institutes,

Weather API'S; Agtools  has over 100 million records of market data

plus 25 years on a national and global scale.




Extensive Native

Knowledge Rooted

in agtools.

Collectively having worked growing, harvesting, shipping and buying produce for

major retailers worldwide, for a combined 100 years-worth of knowledge and experience.

The leadership team has decades of accumulated experience managing contracts with large corporations, government entities and associations while managing teams across

different geographic and industry areas. The IT team has extensive knowledge of the

agriculture industry from having worked and been raised in the industry. They have

cultivated quality relationships with specialty crop farmers in the US, Canada, Mexico

and many countries worldwide. The Management team is coming from within

Agriculture. The leadership team also has decades of experience managing contracts

with large corporations, government entities, and associations.



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