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Knowing the produce industry for over 30 years, the main worry of the grower is to produce commodities in the best conditions possible so they can get to the consumer table and at the same time looking to have reasonable profits, having this, just a few times the grower has Access to data that supports decision making situations, which leads into knowing the current market overview.


Agtools provides growers with the possibility to quickly monitor market information in real-time, gathering information from the source and constantly updating it for growers to make better decisions just in time.

Imagine a grower being able to look at prices, volumes, weather, freight prices and other factors in just seconds, with the confidence of obtaining granular and curated data.

Ready Access to Relevant Data

Agtools also provides the necessary customized reports for growers so they can show their customers how the market has behaved in the past and which is the best price for both parties. Growers can now negotiate more intelligently better prices with their buyers.


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