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World Food Trade in all categories has grown strongly – Fruits and Vegetables are the leading categories – How do you manage without real time data?
Primary markets consuming fruits and vegetables are USA, EU and Japan, yet the market of Fruits, Vegetables and other Specialty Crops are measured in relation to USA/Mexican production.

Agtools has the data in real time to maneuver the market – volume, price, terminals, exchange rates and over 70 variables.


The Story

International trade in fruits and vegetables has expanded at a higher rate than trade in other agricultural commodities, particularly since the 1980s.  Not only has world trade in fruits and vegetables gained prominence, but the variety of commodities has expanded. 

About 320 countries (roughly divided between importers and exporters) participate in global trade in fruits and vegetables and all are seeking to diversify exports.

The largest importers of fruits and vegetables are the United States, EU and Japan. High-income regions are also among the largest exporters, led by United States and the EU. Americas 

Key factors for producing and exporting across the world are: Climate, Location and Growing Seasons.


Technology Aids Trade in Fresh Produce. Technology has been at the forefront of changes making fresh fruits and vegetables available to consumers globally, at an affordable price. Advances in transportation, in combination with other technological developments that have complemented the progress in transportation, have helped reduce delivery time, maintain product quality, and cut shipping costs. In recent decades, it has become easier for shippers to deliver horticultural products to purchasers thousands of miles away, with no substantial loss in freshness.

Source: USDA, FAO.



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