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Agtools Wins 2020 Flywheel Investment Conference

Investment Award from Flywheel Angel Network


WENATCHEE, WA – June 5, 2020 – The Flywheel Investment Conference is an annual event that generates momentum and resources for early stage companies. Presented by Moss Adams, Ogden Murphy Wallace, Confluence Health, and Microsoft, the 2020 Flywheel Conference was originally scheduled as a full day event in downtown Wenatchee. In light of COVID-19, the Flywheel Conference organizers moved the event online on Wednesday, May 20.

During the online event, six CEOs were each given 10 minutes to pitch their company and plans for the future. The companies competed for a $125,000 investment award from the Flywheel Angel Network and a $5,000 cash award for "Audience Favorite". Over 1,200 people from 27 states and 6 countries tuned in during the live stream to watch Agtools, Golden SHERPA, Humming Hemp, Joule Case, Parrots Inc, and Stormwater Controlscompete. Stormwater Controls was announced as the 2020 Audience Favorite at the conclusion of the online event.

Following the online conference on May 20, the Flywheel Angel Network

spent two weeks doing additional due diligence on the six companies who presented. During a Facebook Live event on June 4, Karen Rutherford, 2020

Fund Manager for the Flywheel Angel Network announced that Agtools won the 2020 Flywheel Investment Conference. As the 2020 Winner, Agtools will receive a $125,000 investment award from the Flywheel Angel Network.

Founded in 2017 by Martha Montoya and her brother Gustavo Montoya, Agtools is a software as a service (SaaS) Ag and Food supply chain platform offering real-time data and intelligence to farmers and buyers using algorithms helping manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce food waste. Agtools has locations in Wenatchee, WA and Salinas, CA with their technology teams based in Washington State.

“With this investment, we can follow the roadmap that we started two years ago. We’re excited to continue hiring engineers at Agtools and to move forward with building our call center in Wenatchee, bringing more jobs to the region” Martha Montoya, CEO for Agtools. Gustavo Montoya, CTO for Agtools added “It has been an honor to participate among so many phenomenal people and companies. We are so proud of our CEO Martha Montoya for her leadership and perseverance. Thank you GWATA, the team at Flywheel, the sponsors and investors for the opportunity.”

Agtools joins the list of Flywheel Investment Conference Winners, which include Beta Hatch (2019) and Cartogram (2018).

About Agtools

Agtools is a worldwide SaaS platform gathering real-time government and institutional data of over 500 specialty crops commodities, scrapping it, including algorithms and M/L for farmers, buyers, and everyone on the supply chain to see and decide how to manage their forecasting and purchase orders. Ag industry is managed on consignment exposing in particular farmers the most to losses and for the industry to waste and now increased with Covi19 of over 5000 daily in truckloads in the United States and 62,000 daily truckloads in the world. Customers pay monthly per commodity per user receiving a daily commodity report and access to their commodity data with over 67 variables and 25 years of records impacting their shipments/orders such as exchange rates, weather patterns at destination, CO2 footprint, market demands, labor trends, transportation costs, and more. Cov19 has accelerated paid customer acquisition and growth. Agtools also won the San Diego Angel Conference 2020 on March 28 and received an investment of $200,000.

About the Flywheel Investment Conference

The Flywheel Investment Conference is directed by the non-profit organization GWATA. The Flywheel Investment Conference is an annual full-day event that generates momentum and resources for early stage companies. The Flywheel Conference is a unique opportunity for angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startups, and community members to come together to connect, learn, and develop resources for building companies. Held in downtown Wenatchee, WA, the event features an investment competition, educational seminars, keynote presentations, and after-party celebration. The 2020 Conference is available for free viewing on our conference website, GWATA Facebook Page, and GWATA YouTube Page.


Since 1999, GWATA (the Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance) has served as the region’s tech alliance, championing growth and development in North Central Washington. As a 501(c)3, GWATA’s mission is to bring together people and resources in technology, entrepreneurship, and STEM education.

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