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Moving upward and onward!

As one chapter of my life closes, I cherish the amazing memories of having served on the board of the California Department of Food and Agriculture – CDFA - under the leadership of Secretary Susan Ross and President Craig McNamara. It was an honor, a treat, an intense 8 year course on leadership, diplomacy and industry knowledge. Having leaders who listened and implemented concepts and programs was a humbling experience. Craig McNamara’s book is worth reading Because Our Fathers Lied: A Memoir of Truth and Family, from Vietnam to Today.

This board prepared me to move on to the next board and to continue professional growth. I have been appointed to the board of the Institute of Food Technologists – IFT- with a presence in 90 countries and now the responsibility and relationships are global. Equally important is the ability to stretch and grow in the Agriculture and Food global footprint through the lenses of this leading international organization. It will be a gamechanger personally and for our company. The first board meeting and convention was a full immersion in the industry, trends and challenges.


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