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"Serial entrepreneurs"

It has taken me a bit to understand the statement and the in depth meaning – is it a good thing? Is it not? So, as I had to take a personality test from one investment fund – yes, interesting and rightfully asked so they know what type of leader they are investing in, – I had to dig into my past business career, and one experience stood up the most – cartoonist! Some of you know me and know my background but for those who do not, I am a cartoonist still – that is why you see our bee spokes character – as I strongly believe entertaining is an easier way to convey a message. The biggest highlight of that business chapter of my life, was not the comic books, the syndication worldwide, the licensing royalties but rather receiving an award in Spain – the Alcala de Henares Award from the then Prince of Spain, who today is the King. As we just recently moved our home, I found one of the pictures as a reminder of my past path, successful, fulfilling and financially rewarding. We are a product of our past and this chapter has prepared me to utilize not only the tools to make data more fun, but also understanding licensing, royalties, etc. worldwide is very beneficial as I was mentored by those who were creating an industry in the mid 90’s.


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