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Procurant + Agtools

Streamlining Order Processing

A Powerful Partnership between Procurant and Agtools

In the fast-paced world of supplier operations, efficiency is key. Procurant, recognizing the need for timely and accurate information for suppliers, has partnered with Agtools, a specialist in data analytics for the food supply chain. This

collaboration enhances the purchase order process by offering vital insights right at suppliers’ fingertips.

Procurant has now incorporated a free Agtools trial into Procurant Connect, providing access to key industry data. This enables suppliers to make informed decisions and respond quickly and accurately to purchase orders. The partnership aims to streamline suppliers with crucial information, facilitating prompt and accurate responses to buyer orders. Agtools’ features include insights on commodity volumes by region, weather forecasts, and the Source Quality Analyzer, predicting 14-day regional harvest risks.

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Review Commodities and Quantity

When a buyer’s order comes in, the first step is to check the commodities and quantities. It’s important to have current market info, whether sourcing internally or externally.

With Procurant Connect, users can quickly access Agtools for commodity volumes and weather forecasts right from the purchase order.

Review Costs

Armed with comprehensive data from Agtools, suppliers can make well-informed decisions regarding pricing strategies.

The ability to review Agtools pricing information can ensure that the cost review process is streamlined, contributing tomore accurate and competitive pricing.

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Review Delivery Location and Date

Ensuring on-time delivery is a cornerstone of effective order fulfillment. With the collaborative efforts of Procurant and Agtools, suppliers can seamlessly review weather conditions associated with the dates and delivery location.

This functionality allows suppliers to have the necessary weather route information at their fingertips to meet delivery commitments, enhancing overall procurement satisfaction.

Procurant is transforming the global food supply chain with technology to reduce waste, increase visibility, improve food safety and digitize business from production to consumption. The company was founded by industry veterans with decades of experience delivering  solutions to growers, shippers, distributors, retailers and food service operators. Procurant is backed by GLP Capital Partners ( a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies.

About Procurant

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