Real Data 

Where it comes from,


Collecting and processing structured data, unstructured

data and word mining data from various sources then interpret, convert and summarize the data so it is useful for the decision-makers.

Data Sources, Government Agencies, Universities, 

Industry Associations, Research Institutes, Weather,

Wholesale Market, Retailer Market, Social Media,

Foreign Governments, Central Banks, Satellites, Think Tanks, NGO’s, Foundations, Established Media, API'S; Agtools has over 71 million records of market data

plus 25 years on a national and global scale.


The data can offset volatility in the market and improve user's decision making to increase profitability, minimize food loss and peace of mind. 

Wholesale Market
Government Agencies
Industry Associations
515 Commodities
Social Media
Central Banks
Established Media
Retailer Market
Think Tanks
Foreign Governments
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