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From the harvest to the shipping and everything in between,

Agtools got you covered with audited, reliable data that will allow you to take better decisions. 

The Price Analyzer

Instantly see market pricing.png

Select a timeframe to see the market range shipping FOB of a specific commodity.

Compared to your pricing.png

We import your data to instantly compare your sales price versus what the market did that day, week, month, or year.

To find opportunities to save.png

Highlighting any opportunities where you could have gotten more money for your commodity.

Supply Chain Comparison

Cauliflower FOB Price - Comparison.png

With the click of a button, you can not only compare your pricing to the market, you can compare the pricing of your growers, suppliers and even what different customers are paying for your product. Highlighting opportunity gaps throughout the supply chain and pinpointing areas of margin growth.

Want More? We’ve Got It.

Measure your performance v. market.

Understand what your customer can buy for off the street.

Understand your impact on the environment.

Guess what – there is even more...

Freight Analyzer.png
Terminal Price Comparison.png
Sustainability Tool.png

The Complete Solution

AGT-035 & AGT-008.png
  • Capture the opportunity through enhanced visibility

  • Measure pricing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis

  • Understand your sales pricing by commodity v. market

  • Measure market performance, freight performance, commodity performance and more

  • Scorecard pricing matrix per commodity

  • Compare terminal pricing to your pricing

  • Commodity/Supplier/Sales score carding

  • Fully customizable to your specific business model

  • All technology is done in-house to provide the flexibility needed for your business model


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