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The Shipper Challenge

Shippers face huge challenges in gathering information. They spend 70 % of their time looking for reliable information to make better decisions.

Agtools’ Data Analytics Platform

Shippers involved in food and agriculture, face an enormous challenge in finding reliable data science market information on a real-time basis. This information is key for their decision making. Agtools addresses this challenge.

Lack of Information

Shippers often have little understanding of market variables affecting their operations.

They simply keep on engaging in the same farming and marketing practices used previously, often with no improvements to show for their efforts.

They often plunge ahead and plant crops that lacked viability in the marketplace by the time they were harvested


6.5 Billion Records of Ag Data

Agtools is a SaaS (Software as a Service) data analytics platform that aggregates over 29 years of agriculture data from growing areas throughout the USA and all over the world. The Agtools database consists of over three billion records covering over 500 specialty crops worldwide (including: fruit, vegetables, tree nuts, etc.), as well as 76 variables impacting local farming operations, including such categories as: historical production volumes of all specialty crops worldwide, pricing histories, historic weather patterns, historic transportation pricing, supply chain interruptions, labor disputes, etc.


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