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Data Supports a Faster Procurement Process

In the constant search to optimize the use of Tax Payer dollars, procurement teams throughout the US Government seek ways to improve conditions for the purchased products.  One way to increase buying strength is to have greater visibility into the factors which affect a product.

With Agtools you can shorten the information gathering process by reducing time needed to find data and First-Mile information about the fresh product you seek to buy - volume, production locations, pricing, weather analyzed specifically for the product, among others.


The Food Supply Chain is affected by 76 variables, all impacting at some point buyer's ability to source product and to receive delivery when promised.  With Agtools buyers expand their knowledge of the factors affecting their product and improve their pricing negotiations.


We Monitor the World

Agtools searches across the world to secure the best data possible to provide decision makers in the procurement process with best intelligence possible.  Worldwide sources are needed to support purchasing for US personnel abroad, replenish overseas depots and replenish the fleet.  

The data journey begins with finding the data.  Worldwide efforts require manipulation of data in multiple formats, units of measure and locations.  

Despite the use of HTS, harmonizing worldwide sources presents on-going challenges as the format, frequency of updating and quality control / audit processes are almost never identical between sources.

Agtools applies patent-pending technology to process the data once it has been identified as needed, located and obtained.

Proprietary Data Ingestion Technology

To provide access the most reliable data, Agtools searches data as close as possible to the recording of the event.  Using our proprietary technology, the data is processed through a rigorous process of data ingestion, cleaning, auditing and is then passed to the visualization system. 

Partnership that Delivers

MicroTech, an information technology solutions provider, announced their partnership with Agtools, a data analytic service for the produce industry.
MicroTech will leverage their agreement with Agtools, which has market data coverage of over 500 specialty crops, to deliver accurate, timely market data to its customers. Improving profitability for users is at the core of Agtools’ mission.

Agtools is a SaaS (Software as a Service) data analytics platform that aggregates over 29 years of agriculture data from growing areas throughout the USA and all over the world. The Agtools database consists of over three billion records covering over 500 specialty crops worldwide (including: fruit, vegetables, tree nuts, etc.), as well as 76 variables impacting local farming operations, including such categories as: historical production volumes of all specialty crops worldwide, pricing histories, historic weather patterns, historic transportation pricing, supply chain interruptions, labor disputes, etc.

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