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Why We Do What We Do

At Agtools we are driven by a common goal: to empower people with reliable data to ignite powerful actions for a sustainable world. 


Our vision stems from our desire to be a part of the solution for the many challenges facing the world and its Value Chains. 


As a data science and analytics architecture we are excited to deliver on our vision and will do so by offering a flexible and groundbreaking software architecture that will positively impact all supply chains.

New Answers for Old Questions;
New questions we couldn’t ask before.

Advancement in data processing and analytics of Big Data generate new answers to old questions.  With greater context and more granularity managers can discover new perspectives to modify processes, change business development plans approaches and create greater synergies inside their organization.


Driven by advances in computing technology, decreasing costs associated with Big Data processing and multi-sector research into the application of Analytics, we can now discover new approaches to challenges. 

From synthetic model training data to Large Language Models generating new answers, companies are developing data teams chartered to provide management with new perspectives. 

Our data is essential for developing Domain Expertise in the Food Supply Chain.  And we are laying the foundation for application in other commodity markets.

What can we do together?

We must deliver value to every customer, and together we can do just that. 


Our approach is to support company’s digitization initiatives and intentional programs to improve data driven decision making at all levels of the organization.



Agtools software and data services empower users throughout the organization’s supply chain.  Our products and services help producers, planners, sales, and financial roles make informed decisions with data that is difficult to secure and costly to maintain.


An Agtools Value Added Reseller can:

  • Resell Agtools

  • Add Agtools to your existing solutions portfolio and drive operational change and improvement services.

  • Embed Agtools functionality and data into customer’s supply chain/ERP software system to enhance first party data and provide additional context to decision-makers.

Let’s Connect

A demonstration of Agtools and the system’s capacity will ignite ideas and potential opportunities.  Let’s schedule a private demonstration and begin the process.


For a free demo, contact us at  

Contact us for information 714-707-4848  

Agtools, Inc.  

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