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What We Do 

The Ag industry is managed on consignment exposing in particular farmers the most to losses and for the industry to waste and now increased with Covid19 of over 5000 daily in truckloads in the United States and 62,000 daily truckloads in the world.

Agtools is a worldwide SaaS platform gathering real-time government and institutional data of over 500 specialty crops and commodities.


Our platform includes algorithms and M/L for farmers, buyers, and everyone on the supply chain to see and decide how to manage their forecasting and purchase orders.

Customers receiving a daily commodity report and access to their commodity data with over 76 variables and 29 years of records impacting their shipments/orders such as exchange rates, weather patterns at destination, CO2 footprint, market demands, labor trends, transportation costs, and more. Covid19 has accelerated paid customer acquisition and growth. 

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