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Enterprise Solutions

Food value chain participants, particularly those in fresh categories, face continuous challenges driven by competitive environments and domestic and international volatility. From changing sourcing origins to climate changes and evolving consumer trends, buying and selling fresh products demands, more than ever, an understanding of the many variables impacting commercialization.


When adequately contextualized, first-Mile, Market, and first-party data offer invaluable signals and insights. The configurable solution, provided through the Enterprise Solution from Agtools, responds to the needs of each organization by matching tools and data availability to the organization's current and planned capabilities, from ingesting data to visualization.


With Agtools, you will:

The full power of agtools® comes to you via the Enterprise package. 

  • Provide decision-makers with more profound and broader data to support decisions with immediate and long-term impact.

  • Include the value of applied crop-specific science used by Agtools to contextualize the data and the analytics in your reference data.

  • Receive centralized, cost-effective access to data and analytics, curated and contextualized specifically for Fresh categories

  • Access and analyze the volume, prices, weather, news, freight, labor, exchange rates, and more for multiple sizes, origins, and destinations, any time, on your chosen device to create, monitor and adjust your programs.

  • Compare First-Party data to market data for benchmarking never before possible

  • Benefit from custom reporting, expanded comparison functionality, data integration, and more, freeing your internal resources time that can then be focused on decision-making, better buying, and better selling.

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Agtools data is based on and derived from official, government and academic sources from around the world.

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