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The Problem


Managing an enterprise is challenging.  Multiple functions must work in concert to achieve results.  

Of the many challenges leaders’ face, we have targeted three, to ensure we consistently deliver above expectation solutions with

a constant eye on the future, the client’s growth and it’s yet to be identified market opportunities.

  1. Finding, cleaning, and organizing regularly updated relevant data of any format, any product with data sciences applied and data analytics at its core.

  2. Measuring what’s important with dynamic scorecards, and user-centric performance tracking systems.

  3. Find a service supplier that understands the industry and understands the technology. 

The Challenge

Making sense of business-critical data is a costly, time-intensive process, which begins with finding the data – internal and external. The challenge continues with the identification of the variables that matter, measuring them correctly and acting.

Because the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain is fragmented with many contributors and a large geographic reach, industry participants need a better comprehensive solution to the challenge of measuring what matters.  Managers need the scorecard system to evaluate, review, adjust and act upon data findings and industry benchmarks.


Use agtools® to identify the right metrics via our easy access system to trusted, timely and relevant data, and improve performance based on your strategic management actions. 


The Solution

The Solution.png

Agtools provides business-critical access to accurate, objective, and frequently updated real-time information along with the performance applications and monitoring systems to provide management with the tools to develop, implement and monitor business initiatives and results.

Agtools clients benefit from data points for each link in the supply chain to improve your category and the performance of each function inside the organization.


Understand the market behavior with recently updated information.  Whether you buy and sell with contracts, at market, or both, find out how your product is trading to plan to maximize the present and plan for the future.  

For instance, if you are a strawberry farmer, you can combine information on weather, shipments, prices, freight and holidays into a comprehensive, action-oriented report upon which to make short- and long-term decisions.

The Farmers.png



Closer to the consumer, retailers have different priorities.  They are the bridge between consumer needs and wants and the properly sourced, timely placed highest quality product.  When the product is perishable, the stakes are higher.  The velocity with which a retailer uses scorecards its different functions and operations is faster than other links in the supply chain. Retailers need the agile, fast, flexible data analytics and insights agtools provides.  

  • Which categories are performing under, at or above market performance?  

  • Where are your true opportunities?  

  • When buying and selling, are you below market, at market or above market?

  • Who is minding the gross margin?  


Answer these and many other questions with intelligent management monitoring solutions from agtools®. From fruits to vegetables, the velocity of data is paramount to respond in the fast paced environment of food in general and specialty crops in particular.

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