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8% of Surveyed Companies are "Quietly and Systematically Changing the Game and Their Industries".

Is Reinventing your business model a clear and present necessity? A daily read of business-focused press inevitably elevates anxiety among leadership teams of companies of every size.

If the barrage of news about AI and why we should all be using it doesn’t increase your level of curiosity (in a good way), then “quiet quitting” or inflation news will.

The bottom line is that if we are not constantly testing and looking for ways to improve, we risk staying behind.

Accenture ( continues to talk about the Enterprise Reinventors of the world, conducting surveys and developing knowledge on the topic. According to surveys conducted across industries, about 8% of companies are moving forward with a reinvention of how they work and, in the process, changing their industries. While only some companies have the market power to transform an industry, every company has the potential to evolve how they serve their customers and prepare for the unexpected.


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