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AgData Assisting Farm Mergers & Acquisitions

Farming will experience further mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due to various factors, including wider macroeconomic conditions, regulatory changes, shifts in consumer demand, seeking wider market share, accessing new technologies, or integrating vertically within their supply chains.

Data and analytics play key roles in assisting farm mergers by facilitating informed decision-making throughout the process. Big AgData provides:

  • Operational insights, including crop yields, livestock performance, resource utilization, and machinery efficiency. Spotting strengths and weaknesses in each operation through data is essential for post-merger integration planning.

  • Assessing potential risks arising during the merger process, including market fluctuations, weather patterns, disease outbreaks, and regulatory changes impacting the merged entity.

  • Better integrating supply chains through identifying redundancies while optimizing sourcing, distribution, and logistics networks for the combined operation.


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