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Agtools® Data to Tackle a Trillion Dollar Issue

January 19th, 2023: IRVINE, CA — A massive product and economic loss, estimated at $940 Billion yearly, impacts the worldwide food and agriculture supply chain. AGTOOLS, INC., using proprietary technology, connects to any data source to monitor official and customer data sources, providing unique analytics to improve top-line results, measure sustainability, and reduce waste. AGTOOLS, INC. CEO Martha Montoya will join other panelists at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany, February 8-10, 2023, to discuss how the industry looks at sustainability and reveals ways that data can aid in turning it into a profitable practice.

The following day, join Martha and Tim Beerup, Principle at the National Mango Board/Fresh Insights, as they put industry data to work and take an in-depth look at the different variables impacting commodity trends and how to identify potential opportunities.

CEO Martha Montoya is looking forward to the show, Fruit Logistica" is a perfect way to get the industry talking about issues we are all facing today. Both presentations will show unique and innovative ways data is being used to look at sustainability, crop variables, and how we are taking a proactive approach to the issues in our industry.”


About Agtools®

AGTOOLS, Inc. was founded by food industry veterans who know the unique challenges the perishable industry presents. Coupled with generations of agricultural experience and a proprietary software system capable of processing any commodity, AGTOOLS, Inc. analyzes, correlates, and evaluates worldwide agricultural data in order for clients to make relevant, informed, and timely decisions. Click the links above to add these events to your calendar or reach out to matt@ag.toolsto schedule a demonstration.


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