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Agtools® Real Time Data Tackling Food Insecurity In The Financial Industry

September 10TH, 2023: Los Angeles, CA — According to the Economic Research Service/USDA, USA Farmers received $175 billion financing from commercial Banks in 2022, (only 35% of their actual capital needs), leaving a gap of $321 billion for banks to address. This situation is making it harder for farmers to keep up with their production and make their lands profitable, yet the USA and global markets are demanding products from all segments of the food and ag industries, as well as the 23 aligned industries such as transportation, energy and more.

Taking on that opportunity is Agtools, a Data Science and Analytics company, providing insights and risk visibility to support multiple roles and activities in the financial sector - from research, to lending and risk management. Addressing the banking industry audience during Finovate Fall event in New York, Martha Montoya, CEO of Agtools will share how in a very intertwined and sometimes convoluted food and agricultural supply chain, the financial industry does have access to real time global, phenological, growth stage, key data. Agtools combines 76 variable market conditions moving at a billion transactions per second to be able to create products and services deployable across the financial sector to positively impact the industry and bank ROIs. “Combining science and economics can be challenging, but an agile and crosspollinated team such as Agtools is making it possible to provide the data and infrastructure for the financial industry to jump on the opportunity to be changemakers and leaders,” states CEO Montoya. Although currently authoritative in perishable crop commodities, the Agtools’ solution scales through to other commodity segments such as minerals, forestry, textiles, and metals as it is already proven in one of the most volatile industries in the world.


About Agtools®

AGTOOLS, Inc. Agtools is a Data Science and Analytics Company specialized in delivering key market data on a wide variety of commodities. Its scientific supply chain solution is agile and integrates data, science, and business processes to generate better outcomes throughout the entire Financial Industry starting with Food and Agriculture. Visibility through Agtools enables the users to mitigate risk and profit from arbitrage positions in the marketplace. Among our applied solutions are the Advance Sustainability Knowledge System (ASKS), which curates a full value chain prism for each studied commodity, and the Advanced Phase Expert System (APExS), which rigorously reconciles myriad intractable extrinsic facets influencing said commodities, to afford thorough resource citations to aid decision making.

Click the links to learn more about Agtools in the Financial Industry reach out to to schedule a demonstration, truly fun to see how our food impacts us all without our knowledge.


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