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Agtools Selected as Finalist in Diversity In ClimateTech Program


Diversity In ClimateTech is powered by Chloe Capital and Cornell University; and support by the NYS Energy, Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Women led, Agtech data company Agtools® has been selected to participate in their Diversity in Climate Tech, a 48-hour fundraising experience to create a more Diverse & Inclusive environment for women founders changing the world with their novel climate tech innovations and tackle our world’s most pressing climate crisis.

Diversity In ClimateTech is powered by Chloe Capital and Cornell University, and supported by the NYS Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) to recruit, educate, inspire and support the growth of companies led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and women founders on the forefront of clean energy innovation.

The program is designed to support the capitalization efforts of diverse entrepreneurs. Finalists for this program were selected from over 300 applicants from around the world. Only five applicants were selected to participate in the program.

Agtools is a worldwide financial intelligence data for the food & agriculture global supply chain offering trusted market official data from around the world, in real-time data for stakeholders to manage market volatility of over 500 commodities at 1 billion transactions per second and avoid CO2/SO2 across their actions.

“AgTools provides business-critical access to accurate, objective, real-time information,” said Elisa Miller-Out, co-founder and managing partner at Chloe Capital. “Because of the large scope of data in the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain industry, participants are seeking solutions to help target and measure what matters. Martha’s solution is a game changer.”

Martha Montoya is a co-founder and CEO of Agtools. She started her supply chain career over 27+ years ago while sourcing and operating production lines across 4 continents for multinationals. This experience provided her firsthand vision of waste, inequalities and financial losses across many stakeholders. Having seen natural resources wasted and the impact of carbon footprint, motivated her to create social impact programs and ultimately the founding of Agtools.

“Understanding how market’s volatility impacts our worldwide grid from crop to processing plants opens the conversation to engage more decision makers. This selection brings us to the forefront conversation of the real circular economy across the globe and for this we are humbled and excited, “ said Montoya.

About Agtools

Agtools® is a rapidly growing SaaS and Enterprise market intelligence solution company driving efficiency within the global food and agricultural supply chain. At a billion transactions per second, Agtools® offers a solution to the challenge of accessing real-time data needed for short- and long-term business decisions which are causally related to revenue, costs, and overall efficiency, offering data for farmers, buyers, distributors, retailers, government agencies, financial firms, and other stakeholders to manage volatile and high velocity product categories. Agtools® leverages endless sector knowledge for improving bottom lines.


Media Contacts, Agtools Inc.

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