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Agtools® Selected to Join UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation’s

“Born in California®” for The Most Investment-Worthy Startups


Calif., October 23, 2021- Agtech data and analytics company Agtools® has been selected by UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation’s “Born in California®” demo days. This event features the University of California’s premier and most investment-worthy startups in the Life Sciences, Digital Health, Technology, Consumer, and Sustainability sectors seeking Seed and Series A investors. The event will be held on November 17-18, 2021.

As a leader of innovation worldwide, University of California led the pack with most international patent applications applied in 2020. These are the top startups carefully selected by the 11 top schools in California and they submit their top contenders.

44 startups have been selected for this program among a large group of applicants. These startups will be eligible to receive $9.85 million in soft commitments from investors and join the elite group of companies who have received investments from this program. UC Irvine Beall Applied Innovation has impacted investments to the sum of $26.5 Billions in returns from UCI startups and 59% of the investments have remained in California.

Agtools®, CEO & Founder Martha Montoya has worldwide experience in the agriculture and food supply chain, helping the industry, “See More, Achieve More.” “Market dynamics, from supply and demand to weather and labor costs, impact the worldwide supply chain. Our customers are demanding, and we are proud to deliver through our systems, the market reference data and the analytics they need for maximize buying and selling decisions,” says Montoya.

In the U.S, more than 4,900 daily truckloads of food from farms to distribution centers are wasted with 69,000 daily truckloads wasted worldwide! This problem – Agriculture & Food Supply Chain (AFSC) is fragmented, with many contributors and a large geographic reach. Each link has limited market visibility from the farm to table process. The disconnection leads to production & consumption mismatches, food waste, & unnecessary financial and human expenditure, and CO2 impact. Agtools has an effective solution providing critical business access to accurate, objective, and real-time information to (AFSC) participants. With data, AFSC participants execute better planting, harvesting, buying, & selling, forecast and effective logistics decisions.

About UCI Beall Applied Innovation: As a dynamic platform that supports and provides resources to faculty, innovators and entrepreneurs, UCI Beall Applied Innovation plays a critical role in building the modern and inclusive American Dream where UCI innovation meets industry to accelerate discoveries that matter, provide entrepreneurs what they need to succeed and help build a powerful and potent economy.

Media Contacts, Agtools Inc. Charles Harrison Tel: 714-272-0637


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