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Avocado – 2lbs. to 8 lbs. per capita USA growth!

Avocados are the single largest fresh fruit – yes avocado is a fruit! - imported from Mexico to United States. In the United States, avocado consumption more than quadrupled in the last two decades, from two pounds per capita in 2001 to eight pounds per capita in 2020. In 2020, avocados accounted for 32% of the total value of fresh fruit #imports from Mexico. From the avocado toast to the guacamole, Avocados are a good source of fiber, and contain more fat (the good kind) than carbohydrate, so are popular on lower-carbohydrate diets such as with diabetes. Their heart-friendly fats do not increase blood cholesterol, which can provide satisfaction on a traditional cholesterol-lowering diet that is often low in fat and cholesterol. It is one the highest-fat plant foods, making it a popular inclusion in vegan and vegetarian diets.


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