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Avocado and data avalanche: The equivalent to 6 Football Stadiums filled with avocados and 9 billion data records per day

February 1st, 2024 (Irvine, CA)  As millions of superbowl fans prepare themselves to watch the big game while enjoying the delicious guacamole with chips and many other avocado preparations, Agtools team is getting ready to share its substantial experience on the first-mile (origin) supply chain at Fruit Logistica, Europe's largest tradeshow for Food and Agriculture, to be held in Berlin, Germany, from February 7th to 9th, 2024. After reporting in 2023 about Mangoes, this invitation to Agtools, for a second year in a row, is a demonstration that despite users across the industry – food and ag – are overwhelmed with data and which data to trust (According with a study by Oracle NetSuit, 95% of people are overwhelmed with data at work), Agtools is succeeding at converting raw data into reliable, curated and audited data to make it simple for every food supply chain stakeholder. 

During the conference "Avocado – State of the Market and Data for Optimized Marketing." the Agtools® team will present powerful industry data narratives that draw the Avocado Global Market. How and where are sizes, texture and proper ripening delivered on time based on many variables at First Mile or Ground Zero while sustainable for the country or region of origin. Will also talk about how data-informed decisions can assist in optimizing the commodity journey and present case studies on commodity phenology, (How weather can affect plants at any of its ten development stages and how that affect the final product) and sustainability. Agtools® will highlight Market Trends, pricing history, and existing predictive models that could help visualize data and how these discoveries could help build new dystopian possibilities and return flows. Agtools fills the void with data and training as more than two-thirds of the younger employee generation believe training isn’t just effective, but vital for a successful career. Gen Z is more focused on career growth and learning than previous generations.


About Agtools®

AGTOOLS, Inc. was founded by food industry veterans who know the perishable industry's unique challenges. Agtools© is a data science company that collects information from official sources from 113 countries about more than 500 specialty crops and puts it on a user-friendly dashboard for clients to make relevant, informed, and timely decisions. Contact to schedule a demonstration.



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