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Avocado prices could spike as U.S. suspends imports from Mexico

As Americans assembled their ingredients for Super Bowl guacamole over the weekend, troubling news emerged from the U.S. Agriculture Department: Avocado imports from Michoacán, Mexico, had been suspended.

“In a few days, the current inventory will be sold out and there will be a lack of product in almost any supermarket,” said Raul Lopez, Mexico manager of Agtools, which conducts market research of agricultural commodities. “The consumer will have very few products available, and prices will rise drastically.” Martha Montoya, chief executive of Agtools, said experienced inspectors can identify an avocado’s region of origin from its size, shape and skin texture. The American mania for avocados as a “good fat” has created a boom in Mexico, with many states growing them and attempting to find ways to sneak them into Michoacán so they can be sold in the United States, she said. The broadening U.S. racial and ethnic makeup has spurred greater avocado consumption, and younger generations have embraced the squishable fruit in droves. Full Article


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