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COVID-19 Crisis shines light on food chain weaknesses


IRVINE, CA – March 27, 2020 – AGTools offers promising tool to help strengthen the supply chain within the produce market.

We are in an unusual time and it shows in how consumer behavior has placed an unprecedented burden on crucial supply chains – not just toilet paper and cleaning supplies, but various food staples as well. At least temporarily, panic and uncertainty have resulted in demand spikes that for most within the food chain are unsustainable. And, at least for now, the feeling of uncertainty remains.

However, kneejerk reactions to the lingering level of uncertainty should not dictate how key players within the agriculture industry. After all, the agriculture has become increasingly smarter in recent years with its ability to leverage emerging technologies and strategic data analytics.

AGTools has quickly positioned itself to play a pivotal role in helping farmers and industry buyers leverage data-based insights with its real-time algorithm designed to offset volatility and improve decision making. Rather than focusing entirely on the farmer or the supermarket, AGTools addresses the need for 360 degree thinking by better managing the supply chain.

Knowing that change is the new constant, AGTools now offers continually updated information that is presented in a customizable and highly digestible manner using a dashboard format. By simply looking at a monitor, key player within the agriculture supply chain can make get instant access to all the information needed to make impactful decisions. As the newest evolution of AGTool’s, customers have an instant view of four of the most important customized variables (i.e. pricing, volume, etc.), delivered via any large TV monitor, updating every 15 seconds, 24/7. The same data is presented on daily report, smart phones and tablets, computers and floor monitors. The difference when using the floor monitor offering is that data is moving in a constant stream, much like the stock market ticker rather than requiring the user to click for updates.

“As we all face changes due to this worldwide pandemic challenge, the idea of knowing historical data loses some of its significance and perspective. This information is great for forecasting an entire season, but in today’s environment it is equally important to understand what is happening right now, and what will happen within the next few days,” says CEO Martha Montoya. “This type of insight is not possible without access to real time information and more importantly deep-data based analytics. This is what we are providing.”

What makes AGTools even more powerful is its accuracy. Unlike the alternative information sources that people have historically trusted (i.e. people to people or drawing from weather site information that does not necessarily apply to produce production needs), AGTools constantly pulls from and continually analyzes information from a vast network of sources.

"We are in a difficult time, where we need to make tough decisions in seconds. Making decisions based solely off information gained from talking to other people may provide opinions, but it can be dangerous,” says Montoya. “This is also true when relying entirely on weather forecasts, seeing that it will rain in a certain area without a deeper understanding of how that weather will impact the actual type of produce you are purchasing. It is time to be smart about how we make agricultural decisions, the quality of our food supply chain depends on it.”

This wealth of knowledge provides data-fueled insights necessary to provide key players across the supply chain with a constant pulse on up-to-the-minute availability, surplus, shortfalls as well as basis for shifts in pricing.

“As a society, we will come out of this health and economic crisis stronger, thankful and yes, with a much different perspective on life,” says Montoya.

About Agtools, Inc.

Based in Irvine, CA, AGTools provides real-time algorithm deep-data services to farmers and industry buyers regarding over 513 commodities of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and ornamentals. The data can offset volatility in the market and improve decision making to increase profitability. AGTools is keenly focused on reducing $350 billion per year worldwide of food waste between farms and distribution centers. In building its offering the AGTool team draws from over 100 of combined years of experience within various components of the agriculture industry.

Media Contacts, Agtools Inc. Charles Harrison Tel: 714-272-0637


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