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Data Analytics Imperatives for the WEF Sustainable Agriculture Mandate

This month, the World Economic Forum partnered with Bain & Company in issuing a report urging faster adoption of prescribed means for achieving a much more sustainable, regenerative global agricultural supply chain, the benefits of which include increasing farmer cash flows (below chart). Data therein includes the reality of global climate investment in food systems needing to increase 15x ($20 to $300B-$350B) through 2034 to meet expected annual transformational costs. Barriers to farmer adoption of regenerative ag include economic ones involving affordability, risk and uncertainty, along with technical ones pertaining to farm data, metrics and sector analytics - specifically, a lack “of clarity over what to measure and optimize for and how to measure or track progress.”

Well, said two domains alone are increasingly interlinked by concurrent advances in data science, AgTech, AgriTech, FinTech, AI and Web3 applications. The more elegant the tech, the more ‘compliant’ the inevitable regulatory steps, too, benefiting ag stakeholders, commercial actors and consumers.


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