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Forward-looking organizations are investing as much as 1.5%

Whether AI impacts your industry, business, or organizational roles, the rapid pace of technological innovation demands a strategic approach to resource upskilling. Upskilling, as the word implies, is the process of improving and developing the skills of human resources to tackle new and different responsibilities.

A recent study by Boston Consulting Group, referenced in the article “Reskilling in the Age of AI” of the September-October 2023 issue of the Harvard Business Review, highlights how some

companies are allocating up to 1.5% of their yearly budget to develop programs to upskill their human resources. While nominally small, the amount is relatively large compared to other expense categories inside companies.

Upskilling strategies are a team effort. While training is usually associated with a segment inside the Human Resources department, upskilling begins with leaders and managers identifying the needs of their departments for the short and long term. Working closely with employees, organizations from Germany to Singapore, from Amazon to Novartis, are developing initiatives to upskill their workforce.

The Fresh Food Value Chain, itself in the middle of a technological transformation, is no stranger to the need to upskill. From cameras determining fruit ripeness to farmers using millions of data points gathered by IoT devices, the need to embrace new approaches driven by data and analytics is a reality for the existing and new generations of leaders.


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