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Grapes, weather, or inflation

June 22nd, 2023: IRVINE, CA — High table grape prices experienced in the US during the last weeks are not necessarily due to inflation but must likely for weather changes in the Mexican region of Caborca, Sinaloa. While countries like Chile, Peru, and South Africa, had their grape season in April and May, the cold hours during November in the grape fields in Caborca, delayed the harvest and put their grapes in a dormant state, impacting the supply and market opportunity window for Mexican grapes in the US Markets. A very similar situation happened in the 2019 season, also due to weather changes.

Agtools inc, a Saas platform which applies multiple calculators, and analyzers to the fresh category in the Food Value Chain, is tracking this trend, throughout its weather alerts on the phenological phases that works for more than 500 different crops and overlapping it with other producing regions.

According to Daniela Mendez of Agtools, ¨We expect good quality from the Sonora region, as cooler temperatures traditionally lead to larger grapes. However, the impact on the market from the delayed start and larger product size is yet to be seen. The conditions and results of the 2018-2019 year may help us understand likely outcomes for the 2023 season. ¨

The 2019 Sonora grapes season results, and its weather patterns signal a possible repeat of the bumper crop with better quality grapes during 2023. Sonora's later and larger volume could impact product availability and pricing during the last two quarters of 2023.a


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