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If we Want a Sustainable World, we Need to Understand the Close Links Between Phenology and Environmental Changes.

Phenology has contributed to the assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on ecology, being relevant to socio-economic issues such as agriculture, forestry, and human health, and playing a role in environmental awareness and climate change education (European Phenology Network (EPN)).

Source: Vliet, A., Groot, R., Bellens, Y., Braun, P., Bruegger, R., Bruns, E., Clevers, J., Estreguil, C., Flechsig, M., Jeanneret, F., Maggi, M., Martens, P., Menne, B., Menzel, A. y Sparks, T. (2003). La Red Europea de Fenología. Revista Internacional de Biometeorología, 47, 202-212.


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