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Is your organization part of the 8%, the 86% or the 6%?

During the 2023 World Economic Forum Accenture presented a report, Total Enterprise Reinvention. Accenture beliefs that the convergence of five key forces they outlined in 2022 are leading to what they call a new imperative. The time has come to embrace Total Enterprise Reinvention and shift from measuring digital leadership and innovation.

“The convergence of three factors - macro environment, technology and Post-Pandemic transformation – has inspired a small but growing number of companies to become Reinventors”, says Accenture in their report. The company’s research shows only 8% of companies are Reinventors and are moving to adopt a strategy of total reinvention; 86% are Transformers and 6% are Optimizers.

Each company’s strategy will be affected by the industry in which they operate, their capacity and leadership, among other factors. The Total Reinvention concept is interesting and potentially impactful, warranting a closer view to, at the very least, examine in which bucket our respective businesses fall.

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