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Leveraging Crop Data and Analytics For Better Nutrition

According to Grand View Research’s 2023 Analysis Report, key factors driving the U.S. produce markets’ forecasted growth include raising consumer awareness regarding lifestyle-driven health disorders and nutritional elements in daily diets. In a collective response to rising obesity and related dietary diseases, multiple generations have increased their plant-based dietary intakes for managing weight loss, energy levels, digestive and heart health. As of 11/2022, surveys showed that Americans identifying as vegetarian or vegan made up possibly 10 to 15% of the population.

Luckily, data science is being used to improve nutrition by identifying trends and patterns across populations, flagging problem areas, evaluating supply factors, and measuring the effectiveness of policies and programs.

That said, challenges still remain in analyzing nutritional data, including insufficient funding, personnel and technological resources. Therefore, leading analytics services synthesizing supply chain data while expanding variable scope, minimizing errors, securing privacy issues, and maximizing ease-of-use, will address said obstacles while also minimizing food waste.



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