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Onion: A Global Ingredient and Plant Insulin

The first consumption of onion dates to more than 5,000 years ago, in the Middle Ages. It was so highly valued that it functioned as a means of payment and was given as a gift to show appreciation or thanks. And beyond providing food, the onion was given a great use in medicinal treatments, as it acts as a natural diuretic, and is used against heart, eye, and joint diseases, so it is not surprising that we find the onion as a key ingredient in more than one home remedy of grandma’s recipe book.

In 2019 in the United States, 5.2 billion pounds of onions were marketed, while in the year 2021 there was marketing of 5.4 billion pounds, which represents an increase of 3.84%, which we can appreciate in the following graph:

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Paola Ochoa is Director of Operations and Engineering Liaison for Agtools.

Agtools, Inc. provides data for farmers, buyers, distributors, retailers, government agencies, financial firms, and other stakeholders to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce waste of natural, human and food resources.


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