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Data Tools and Forecasting Counsel During Uncertain Times

PMA reached out to technology companies for advice as our industry grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember that messages are changing every day, so it is important to stay informed and alert.

Thank you to our industry contributors who took time to offer their thoughts and advice relevant to data tools and forecasting for the benefit of all PMA members. We count on them for thoughtful, relevant advice even as they are also coping with these turbulent times.

Business leaders are looking to data, analytics and technology to help them predict and make decisions about planning for the fluctuations in consumer demand and changing supply chain mechanics.

The increase or decrease in demand for particular products during the crisis makes the estimation of realistic final-customer demand harder and more important. Leaders must question whether demand signals received from their immediate customers, both short and medium term, are realistic and reflect underlying uncertainties in the forecast.


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