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Resilience – A Must Needed Life Tool In Today’s Environment

Life in the world has changed for everyone since March 2020, and it doesn’t seem to be going back “to the norm” if such a thing ever existed. Some of us have had life experiences, which I will even call, “the privilege”, of having to overcome personal, difficult, challenges and coming out the other side. This is analogous to current challenges in the worldwide economy. I want to share an episode of my life that prepared me for ongoing worldwide and personal challenges.

When I was a 15-year-old teenager, I survived a boat wreck with all my family members off the coast of Colombia. I learned about human behavior, hope, tolerance, perseverance, acceptance and much more. Little did I know it would give me a different perspective on life that a few of us have acquired after such a life-threatening experience. Many years later I realized that this “privilege” had given me the tools to manage fast, and with a cool attitude, all sorts of less important challenges especially in business. More importantly it gave me the ability to grow my “Business and Human Empathy” while maneuvering macro-economic challenges. Business is tough, sometimes even cruel, yet it is managed by human beings that require empathy at many levels. Today the growth and first initial steps of success of Agtools, under my leadership, has come from this amazing life experience. I share this experience with our team members so they can have perspective and lead to a balanced growth of the company!


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