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Supply Chain and the CFO: What’s your Next Step to Create Value?

  1. Work in partnership. When supply chain leaders work more closely in partnership with finance executives, sales, marketing, operations and the network of suppliers, the true value creation potential becomes clearer and leaders are better able to drive end-to-end integration.

  2. Move to a digital supply chain. This strategic approach also brings the digital supply chain into full play. The CFO can drive greater visibility and deeper insights, unleashing economic value and greater performance, and can generate more cash for all participants in an end-to-end ecosystem.

  3. Establish a common language and culture. This transformation creates a common understanding of all functional areas, data, analytics and technology. This requires a transformation in how to think about profitability, cash and growth, and a common language across the ecosystem.

  4. Use data to drive deeper insights. Digitally enabled supply chains must be supported as an overwhelming volume of data drives deeper insights, performance improvements and better decisions, and ratchets the economic value creation of the organization. The C-suite must commit to investing in the right technology, creating a strategic role for value creation and bringing the CFO out of the shadows to address cross-functional challenges.


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