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The tomato is one of the most widely used fruits in world gastronomy, indispensable for cuisines such as Italian or Hispanic. Its origin goes from Mexico to South America. However, its domestication took place in Mexico.

In the first half of 2021, the United States marketed 1.11 million pounds of roma tomatoes. By 2023, the amount had increased to 1.28 million pounds, showing a 16% increase, particularly in May and June.

Of this tomato, 96.5% comes from Mexico and Florida, with 86% and 10.5% of the market share, respectively. Mexico maintains its production year-round, meaning consumers can enjoy this fruit regardless of the season.

Paola Ochoa is Director of Operations and Engineering Liaison for Agtools.

Agtools, Inc. provides data for farmers, buyers, distributors, retailers, government agencies, financial firms, and other stakeholders to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce waste of natural, human and food resources.


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