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Two reasons matching Talent to Task is Challenging for Supply Chain Management

Finding the right people to work in the supply chain sector can be tricky, especially for those in the software and hardware business. Hiring for supply chain roles is a whole different ball game. Why is it challenging? Consider the following:

First, supply chain jobs need a mix of skills. People must be good with technology, understand how businesses work, and solve problems quickly. They also need to be great at communicating and organizing issues in preparation for developing solutions.

Second, the dynamics of supply chains, from minerals to food, are constantly changing, which means supply chain jobs are constantly changing. Workers must keep learning and adapting to new technologies and business methods. Finding people who are always ready to learn, change, and adapt to new environments is a challenge.

 According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), companies often face challenges finding workers with the right technical skills and abilities to manage complex supply chain networks. SHRM suggests companies should consider training and developing their current employees to fill these gaps.

When you're looking to hire for supply chain roles, whether internal or to support your customers, think about these staffing challenges, look for people who are good with technology but also eager to learn, good at solving problems and communicating how solutions address those problems.


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