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What the LATAM Ag Startup Ecosphere Might Be Missing

Agribusiness Marketplaces & Fintech” was the most-funded Latin American upstream investment category in 2022, with startups raising $191 million. Said phrase references the online marketplace platforms providing farmers with services ranging from inputs and equipment to offtake and marketing, to credit provision and financial advice.

Per AgFunder, most startups in the category aim to provide more efficiency and transparency to the agrifood supply chain. That domain is a strength for the Latin American region, where 14 million smallholder farmers produce 50% of the continent’s food supply. Increasingly, the adaptation of progressive data technology will determine sector leadership in the region. Of the six major Ag/Fintech startups collectively securing $180.6 million of the above figure, only one overtly features an AI strategy. Yet effectively fusing dominant supply chain analytics, catalyzed by machine learning, AI and Web3.0 strengths for securer lending, will shift entire paradigms for food services and finance while empowering LATAM to provide global digital leadership in agriculture.


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