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You only get better through practice, practice and more practice

There is one very important lesson I learned playing tennis since childhood while playing tennis representing Colombia across the South American region. That lesson is that you only get better through practice, practice and more practice. I remember reading about Mr. Tiger Woods and how many balls he hit per day… 1000 or so? That was me against the wall 3, 4, or even 5 hours per day. My father’s discipline and consistency was part of my motivation as he would be practicing tennis against the wall right there with me. In fact he was known around the tennis circuit as “the wall” because he was always getting the ball back.

Starting and building a company is kind of like hitting a ball against the wall. Keep hitting, getting the ball bouncing back in a different place every time, running the ball down and striving to hit it back to the wall. The one thing for sure is this; persistence, practice and being relentless is the only way we get better and improve the management of customer acquisition, retention, and growth.


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