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On Agtools Inc. We care about the quality of the data delivered to our customers and that is why we have designed a process and architecture on the research part of the company, where we collect official and reliable data that is available on our tool, to impact the worldwide supply chain.


Each data record delivered, has gone thru a curation process of several filters, that make the ingestion of the information an updated fact of the commodities consulted, from foreign trade to volume production, looking to empower people and ignite actions for a sustainable world.


Our Vision:

Discover and Ingest streams of official API data to ignite powerful actions that lead to a more sustainable world.

Our Mision:

Collect, curate, and maintain the largest collection of highly granular data, using the most flexible and groundbreaking software architecture to impact worldwide supply chain.

Curiosity, persistence, empathy, loyalty, respect & team work


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Agtools, Inc.  

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