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Meet Agtools

The most flexible and groundbreaking software architecture to impact Supply Chain for Perishable categories.


The structure of Agtools is built to support food categories

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Agtools uses patent-pending technology to ingest, curate, audit and contextualize any data, increasing trust and reliability of the information.

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8.5 billion records

(August 2023)

1 billion TPS

+25 years of records

Analyze parameters needed for lending, risk management and client-performance monitoring.

Use Agtools provided information to support:


Underwriting Decisions:

  • Evaluate business plan/goals by comparing to market

  • Compare projections with past market history and determine probabilities

Relevant Agtools data to evaluate Agriculture and food related businesses.

  • Production volumes

  • Export / Import

  • Competition

  • Historical growth / Decline



Risk Analysis:

  • Monitor on-going performance versus markets

  • Receive alerts on crop pricing and volumes based on deviation parameters to evaluate risk of loans and credit facilities

  • Volumes and Trends

  • FOB/terminal/retail pricing

  • Export / Import

  • Weather Patterns



Performance Monitoring

  • Compare assumptions and results to historical market reference data

  • Projections versus actual past category performance

  • Retail Pricing

  • Indexed News

  • Transportation Costs

  • Currency

Agtools complements existing decision processes with contextualized information.

Commercial Banker






Financial /

Market Data


Users have choices when accessing Agtools Knowledge and Insights

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Benefit from insights and knowledge, delivered by analytics designed to create meaning from highly complex Food and
Ag Category datasets.

Identify Crop Transitions to adjust sourcing

agtools® Dashboard

In seconds understand volumes, prices, regions, packaging, more

Find Better Quality Products; optimize product travel distance

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What business challenges can Agtools solve for Commercial Bankers, Lenders, Underwriters, Risk Management Leaders?

Customers need credit facilities to develop, grow and generate farm income. 
Underwriting relies on customer provided documentation and historical records.

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Agtools: Built to interface and complement installed systems

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