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Meet Agtools

The most flexible and groundbreaking software architecture to impact Supply Chain for Perishable categories.


Retailer’s Continuous Challenges​

  1. Attract customers​.

  2. Maintain shelves stocked​.

  3. Source highest value products – quality/price​

  4. Stock seasonal products​

  5. Respond quickly to consumer demand changes.

Level the playing field​

Easy, affordable access to market data gives independent retailers the same tools others use to buy and sell better​.


1. Formatted for quick access and use​.

2. Simple reading formats​

3. Updated constantly​

4. Flexible subscription formats​

5. No risk, cancel anytime.


More insights are needed because today’s buying is increasingly difficult​.


What is available for independent retailers​?

  • Easy to access insights on fruits and vegetables insights​.

  • No risk, easy to subscribe, cancel anytime​.

  • Configurable options – products, origin, destination​

  • Multiple delivery formats:  email reports, dashboard access, mobile web app, computers

Data you can trust, all from official sources, worldwide.


For a free demo, contact us at  

Contact us for information 714-707-4848  

Agtools, Inc.  

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