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APExS is a team specialized in commodities phenological research. Its main objective is to establish links between the various development phases of the different commodities and the climatic requirements for them to complete their production cycle. Through innovative projects, APExS provides a deeper understanding of the importance of all food supply chain and phenology. Its primary interest is to disseminate globally the relationship between climate change and the phenological phases starting with commodities, understanding phenology as a fundamental element to improve production systems.


We represent ourselves as a group of highly advanced and creative specialists made up of experts in Agronomy, Agribusiness, Mathematic, Nutrition and Sustainability. We can examine information from various trusted and authoritative sources and use it to develop models and algorithms that facilitate interpreting and analyzing the different commodities -related data.


Mission: Transform the agrifood industry and impact the worldwide supply chain using the most flexible and groundbreaking software architecture to extract and provide meaning to-specific scientific data research.


Vision: Create the largest worldwide repository of food and agricultural scientific research to ignite decisive actions that lead to a more sustainable world.


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