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Empowering Women with Actionable Data

Female-operated farms account for 38 percent of U.S. agriculture sales according to the USDA census.

100-150 million people could be led out of hunger if women farmers had the same resources as male farmers (FAO 2019).

48% of the agricultural labor force in low-income countries are women (FAO 2020).

Women in agriculture work as much as 13 hours more per week in developing countries than men (FAO 2020).

70% of women in South Asia & Africa who are in agriculture are primarily as unpaid or contributing family workers,(FAO 2019) this sheds light into the importance of developing policies and programs for them. The UN is working on extensive initiatives to empower these women and improve the financial systems that gives them a validation and compensation for their work.

Women make 2/3 of illiterate population out of 796 million people in the world (UN2020).

Female Farmers are younger on average than male producers according to the USDA.

Women account for 60-80% of food production in developing countries (FAO 2019).

80% of purchasing decisions are made by women, but only 20% are in leadership roles. (FAO 2019). These numbers need to keep rising.

36% of the country’s 3.4 million producers are women, and they are on the rise. (USDA 2017). They are slightly younger than their male counterparts and are ready to close this gap, women farmers are a force that are here to stay and provide much needed change to the industry.


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Paola Ochoa / Director of Operations and Engineering Liaison - Agtools, Inc.  

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