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User-Friendly Dashboard


The information in the Agtools database is available to farmers through a user-friendly dashboard.

Data is readily accessible on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Farmers can quickly see peaks and valleys in production for specific crops to know how much of any particular specialty crop was produced in a given geographic area of the world, and at what time of year. This will help them identify the best time to bring crops to market and to avoid market volatility.

They can quickly see pricing histories of specific commodities, providing them with pricing FOB, pricing at distribution centers, and pricing at retail.

  • Over 10 billion records

  • Over 500 commodities worldwide

  • 76 variables covering 29 years.

  • Weather Data Worldwide covering 50 years.

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Small Farmers


With access to the Agtools data, small farmers can see current and historic pricing for the commodities they grow in local, national, and international markets.

That helps them understand what a fair market price would be for them to sell to aggregators/exporters in the marketplace.

It helps them understand that they are getting a fair price and that they are not being taken advantage of.


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