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Sample Agtools Projects:


Subcontract with USAID prime contractor to help small farmers improve production and increase export incomes by providing access to extensive farm data.


Contract with major US produce buyer to train Central American broccoli growers to use data platforms to become more reliable suppliers.


Contract with national government to train growers on use of Agtools data analytics platforms to improve farmers’ ability to export avocados and limes.


Under contract with a national association in a large South American country that represents thousands of fruit and vegetable growers for a three-year project to reach 500,000 women farmers (via smartphone and tablets) with daily information about the commodities they are growing, including: pricing and crop volumes grown in local; national and international markets; market conditions affecting the crops they grow; transportation issues and labor strife that may affect their ability to get their products to market; and so forth. This ambitious project is in collaboration with the country’s national telecommunications company.


Contract with very large agribusiness to train small farmers nationwide via smartphones on how to improve farming operations and increase incomes.


Contract with national telecom to provide guidance to women farmers to use data to make better farming decisions and improve productivity.


Working with host country’s major export companies to create reports on multiple commodities including: pricing, weather alerts, and other variables for weekly dissemination to commodity farmers nationwide.


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